Monday, August 01, 2011


We recently celebrated our son John’s high school graduation, a major milestone for a family.  I shared with John that while many kings, villains, heroes, saints, and popes carried the name John, his character is that of the eagle, which is symbolic of his name.  Eagles are able to look directly into the sun without being blinded, and they are able to see great distances.  In reflection of his event, and in preparing for something to say at his celebration, I looked up the meaning of his name:  “God is gracious”.  This is very true, but I did not learn the true meaning of the word Grace until after our home fire, and did not realize that it is a gift that wears many disguises.  Most significantly, however, John was born into this world face-up, and this is how he meets the challenges in his life – whether as a baseball catcher, soccer goalie, Webelos troop leader, or camp counselor – similar to an eagle, as storm approaches, using the power of the updraft to lift above the clouds.